TMP Technologies, Inc. specializes in turning your applicator concept into a reality. We thrive on imagination and innovation. This has been at the heart of TMP since it was founded in 1954 by a small group of driven entrepreneurs. These pioneers developed a unique and patented clothesline system that, over the course of 60 years, has helped TMP evolve into a market leader in custom foam, plastic, rubber and metal component fabrication.

A few years after TMP launched its first product, they developed a manufacturing process to convert and assemble foam products including a patented floor mop. TMP experienced significant growth over the next decade designing and patenting the 1st and 2nd generation liquid shoe polish applicators. As a result of TMP’s growth we acquired Hallmark Plastics in the 1970s to vertically integrate our manufacturing process. It was also during this period of expansion that TMP purchased a single press injection rubber molder which later grew into the current division: Advanced Rubber Products.

The early days of TMP Technologies required our team to rely on its own design and fabrication skills due to a lack of outside equipment building resources. We started out by building our own production equipment which helped us become the leading applicator manufacturer in the industry. Today, TMP’s team is accustomed to constructing fully customized machinery and processes to meet a variety of requirements.

Our capabilities dealing with custom fabrication, assembly and packaging is a direct result of our long history of innovation and ingenuity. TMP’s critical competencies in design, engineering, machining, manufacturing and packaging provide customers with pivotal solutions to all their applicator requirements from the beginning stages of design all the way through to full production automation.