Consumer Overview


Mission approached TMP with a need for a custom applicator tip that dispensed a revolutionary liquid that coated the soles of basketball sneakers and provided players with a better grip on the court.

TMP Tech quickly assessed the specifications and realized that the project required a custom tip applicator solution. The stock applicators used for liquid shoe polish applications would not dispense the right amount of liquid evenly across the sole material so TMP engineers started working on custom applicator concepts to offer a solution.




With so many years of experience handling, testing and fabricating foam, TMP Technologies is able to quickly identify the right kind of material for a custom foam applicator or dauber. For Court Grip™, TMP was faced with the difficult task of finding the right foam that would stand up to the caustic liquid that degrades standard shoe polish applicator foams. The design and engineering team were able to create a custom solution combining a foam pad with a microfiber covering that evenly dispersed the exact amount of liquid without deteriorating.

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TMP Technologies has the expert engineering team to go through multiple iterations of custom applicator component designs. The experienced team is aided by state-of-the-art technology like TMP’s 3D printer, which was used to design the Court Grip shoe applicator. Technologies such as this help determine whether or not a design is feasible in a timely and cost effective manner. It also provides clients with multiple options so you’re never forced to settle.

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Equipment Build Out

As the one-stop applicator shop, nothing gets outsourced, especially when it comes time to the production of a custom applicator tip. All of the new machinery required to manufacture the Court Grip applicator tip was built at TMP Technologies. A fully automated production process was created to manufacture the revolutionary liquid applicator tip. Why was all this important? Simply put, it saved Mission time and money, and offered an effective solution to dispense their product.

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TMP Technologies took Mission’s Court Grip™ formulation from the initial concept phase through to automated production within a year’s time. The custom liquid applicator has been approved by all major professional and amateur basketball associations including the NBA, NCAA and WNBA. Superstar Dwayne Wade actually assisted with product testing during the applicator prototype phase taking Court Grip™ on a nationwide tour testing the product on several different NBA courts.