Mastering Materials

and Product Quality

TMP Technologies assists you in identifying the perfect material for your custom applicator. TMP has strategically partnered with a wide range of sources that provide us with cost effective materials which translates to added value for our applicator customers. Furthermore, we never stop researching and developing new materials and formulations for applicators requiring advanced performance.

The effectiveness (and inefficiencies) of each material is thoroughly examined to produce the best custom applicator result. Because TMP specializes in several custom applicators for a variety of industries, we have experience working with materials such as polyurethane foam applicators, sponge applicators, felted wool applicators, fabric applicators, rubber applicators, plastic applicators, mylar applicators, nonwoven applicators and hook and loop systems.

TMP Technologies specializes in foam conversion, but our services extend into the fabrication and assembly of close tolerance engineered components that utilize a variety of materials. As is often the case, one material is bonded to another. TMP caters directly to your needs and identifies the right material for your custom liquid applicator.

TMP Serves a Variety of Industries